Class Events

Class Event Competition

Anyone in our class is eligible to submit an event proposal that could be funded or subsidized by our class. Events could include but not limited to: 2015 potluck in your area, sports viewing party with 2015ers, a guided outing to a museum with classmates. In order to receive funding you must submit a proposal to by October 31 at 11:59PM that includes:

Please note: the maximum funding we would give is $200 / event. We are unable to pay for purely social events with no educational or direct Princeton components without a subsidy. Even if there is a capacity for the event, it must be open to all classmates and cannot be restricted to a certain group.

Upcoming Events

Homecoming - October 22, 2016
There will be a Tiger Tailgate at Fine Plaza from 11AM-12:45PM before a 1PM kickoff. Please register for that event here
Princeton at Yale Football Game - November 12, 2016; kickoff at 12:30PM
Alumni Day and Service of Remembrance - February 25, 2017